I'm a Fine Art Wedding Photographer in love with my other half Chris. I'm a Puppy Momma, Daughter, Sister & Friend. I'm so glad your here & I cant wait to get to know you better!

I'm Brittany

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Congratulations on getting ready to start your new life as a wife! I believe every bride should go crazy over seeing her memories captured through a lens. being in the moment is one thing but being able to enjoy those moments over and over again in a frame or album is a dream. If you enjoy natural, cheerful and timeless images, you are in the right place!

Are you a Photographer? Do you like free education? Well you came to the right place! I believe good education is important. As of now I only have a few pointer and tips and tricks I have learned along the way but this will continue to grow as I learn more and more. I also believe that it doesn't matter how many years you have been in business and if you feel like you know it all. You probably don't. There is always something new to learn!

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